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What Is E-mail Marketing

For many years now e-mail marketing has been looked at as a spamming form of marketing. There is a very fine line between spamming and e-mail marketing. To have a successful e-mail marketing campaign there are a few things to watch out for. E-mail campaigns should only target those that have agreed to receive marketing e-mails. Otherwise your e-mails will not be opened or read and will cause poor conversion results.

How To Run A Successful E-mail Marketing Campaign

Let us take a look at what makes an e-mail marketing campaign successful:

Finding Your Target Market: Just like any other form of marketing, you need to know your target market. Once you have narrowed down your target market you will have a better idea of how to market your content over e-mail.

Know Your Reasons: It is important to know exactly why you are launching a marketing campaign. If you are just going to blah blah in your e-mail then it is pointless. Know what you are marketing and why you are marketing it.


Monitor Results: Keep an eye on all your results because the results from your first marketing campaign will help improve your second campaign. Where ever there were possible problems you can improve on those points with the next campaign and compare the results. Some of the results you need to look out for I listed below:

  • Receive Rate: This indicates how many people on your entire marketing lead list have successfully received your marketing e-mail.
  • Open rate: As much as the open rate plays a role in the success of the e-mail marketing campaign, it does not mean much in the department of the campaigns success.
  • Read Rate: The read rate is where the real success starts, the more people that actually read your marketing e-mail, the higher your chances of conversion.
  • Conversion rate: This like any other method of selling is the true numbers of how successful your marketing campaign was. If this number is low then one of the previously mentioned rates played a role in why your conversion rates are low.

Implement Improvements: Once you know which methods failed and which succeeded it is easier to implement a solution. You might need to change your subject line, or decrease the amount of text used.

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