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10 Social Media Marketing Tips
15 Nov

10 Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media has exploded with all types of business using it as a marketing platform. Most likely the most efficient way of reaching a specific type of audience by fine-tuning a few settings. However, with everybody advertising on social media it almost looks like it is only a advertising platform. How many ads do you see every day on Facebook or LinkedIn? Even Instagram has become very popular for advertising. Check these social media marketing tips on how to stand out above the crowd when pimping away at your social media posts.

The Social Media Marketing Tips Start Here


According to statistics from Advanced Web Ranking, a user’s positive experience with a video ad increases their purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%. So clearly, videos are the way forward if you would like to create brand awareness. Videos are also more likely to be clicked because a click needs to be performed to see what it is all about. Compared to an image where people can just scroll by after they read it. Businesses can use free online software like Animaker to design basic animation videos and obviously, when you pay you get some extra features.

Tip #2

Pictures still get attention even though video is ranked as number 1 so don’t leave it out. Make sure that your images are the right sizes for the posts, nothing looks worse than half a picture. Stick around, as I will be posting the sizes off all social media artwork size guidelines. Using the right image size will show more professionalism and that you kind of know what you are doing at least. Also, make sure that your pictures you post have some kind of value or relevance to the article if you are sharing it from your website. Having a colourful picture with text on it is fine, but the more glamour the more attention.

Tip #3

When writing a post for an add, don’t just start off with batting your product and service. First, give your audience something to capture their attention such as a problem that your article might solve if they read on a benefit that might bring their attention to read more. You want to grab their attention and be able to hold it and if they are interested, you might just get a like and share.

Tip #4

Don’t overdo it. I feel like that is all I actually need to say. By posting 100 times a day you will get a lot of attention, but if your contact only has 10 friends on Facebook he will only stare into your business posts and end up un-liking or un-following your page. You also want to be able to share valuable content and not just spam pictures or other people’s articles. So make sure that you monitor when your users are active and what type of content they like to see. It will give you a good insight.

Tip #5

Every post that you do should hold some value to your audience. I have come across pages with thousands of likes but less than 200 views in a month. So build a audience profile of your potential clients and write down the things they interact with. If you get a post with a lot of interaction, then it works, do it again. If you see that you are not getting much responses or views then don’t bother and rather change your strategy.

Tip #6

Be different. There is no use in you using the exact same strategy as the thousand other people advertising the same products. Use pictures that are unique to your business. If you own a bakery on wheels, then take a picture of your pimp mobile and post it with something like your specials that are relevant to your business. By using unique artwork or pictures your audience will be able to better identify your posts.

Tip #7

Post some of your daily activities. People enjoy engaging with what they know. If you get a paper cut between your fingers and a staple in your hand post a picture saying “what a day”. An audience is more likely to engage with something that they can relate to. It is a very common practice on Twitter and Instagram and it shows your commitment to being active with your audience.

Tip #8

Update your business page on a regular basis. Make sure all your information is correct. You can also change your cover photo occasionally as long as people will still be able to relate it to your business. As much as you love cats, having a picture of dear Jimmy as a cover photo won’t help you grow your online business. You should also try to add a short survey at the top of your page to get more engagement from your audience. If your audience is growing you would want to know their interests or their point of view on a specific subject. Data collection is necessary for improvement.

Tip #9

Keep a constant eye on your insights. As I mentioned in the previous tip, data is a must. You want to provide your audience with everything they like to get them more engaged with your page and buy stuff. The best way of doing this is by monitoring your views, clicks, times spent watching videos and which videos did well. It will help you identify the content your audience enjoys.

Tip #10

Last but not least (or maybe it is) but keep on posting. Be active on your social media, your audience liked your page for a reason, you want to make sure they stay part of the group and constantly interact. So if you are running a social media marketing campaign at least do a post once a day, and remember to make it useful. Social media marketing can be free and you don’t need to pay to build a brand. However, it does help to boost a post once in a while to gain more likes and shares.

Yes, that was the last

Social media is growing every day and billions of people are active on a daily basis. Social media is really a good platform to market your business on,you just need to find the right one that works for your niche. Stay tuned for some more social media marketing tips or you can sign up for my newsletter to receive weekly tips on how to become an online marketing master (with a cape).

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