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Your Website Still Matters
15 Nov

Your Website Still Matters

The very first website that went live was on the 6th of August 1991. Tim Berners-Lee created the website and dedicated it, to information on the Worldwide Web and it is still online today, If you go and have a look at it you will see how plain it is compared to what we have today. Twenty-six years ago, websites had a much different use compared to the extravagant and complex designs we have today. It serves a complete different purpose and in another 20 years from now, it will be much different again.

Your website still matters

Websites are used for multiple different things in the 21st century, from blogging, information, news, business and just about anything or any reason people can think of having a website. Therefore the question is, why does your website still matter if there are so many other sites used for everything?

Well, to get straight down to the point, a website for a business has more than one purpose. There are three different phases which effects a website’s effectiveness. When the first commercial websites were created it only had one purpose. Having an online presence was the first phase. As more and more websites went live, businesses struggled competing with each other and it became necessary to stand out above competitors, the “competitive phase”. However, with all the IT guys around the world it has become a lot easier to rank on search engines above competitors thus we have now entered the “attraction phase”. Keep these phases in mind as it is mentioned throughout the article to explain some scenarios.

All this mumbo jumbo about phases and I still have not told you why your website still matters. Therefore, the reason your website still holds a very valuable position in the worldwide web’s filing cabinet is because it is educational. People all around the world are constantly asking Google for answers about their worst-case scenarios or how they can bake the best cake ever (my wife).

Therefore when your business created a website, the purpose was to create an “online presence” the first phase. Then you had the obstacle of your competitors appearing above you when your potential clients searched for your products, the “competitive phase“. Now the most difficult challenge is awaiting your online marketing strategy and that is to get the most visitors to your website and keep them there, the “attraction phase“.

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What is the attraction phase and can I eat it?

The attraction phase is about exactly what it says, attracting visitors to your website. Because there are some many businesses selling the same products and same solutions it is tough to stand out among the crowd of competitors fighting for your customers. This is the exact reason your website still matters and requires constant attention. Many businesses forget the importance of a website and the benefits it can bring by keeping it fresh and up to date.

The next question is, how are you going to attract new visitors to your website and what are the benefits of having them there in the first place? Many companies, even the big corporations are still using their website only as an online presence. This causes them to lose out a lot of potential business. Your website is a representative of your business and should be able to answer the questions your customers have before even picking up the phone. By providing potential prospects with valuable information, you start building a trust relationship and if you are able to answer their questions, you are most likely their first option for the solution.

How to attract new website visitors

This is the next step now that you know why your website still matters. To attract new visitors to a website can be a challenge, especially within the first few trials you run. I will list a few options and then we will tie them all together as a “new visitor strategy“. Creating good content on a blog is most definitely the best and easiest way to accomplish this goal and it is a necessity.

Content needs to hold context, meaning that it needs to be valuable to your readers. They need to find it interesting and helpful. Next, you need to create a social media presence for distributing your content. Social media is tricky because each platform has it’s own type of audience. Facebook is a social platform where people go to look at cat pictures and things that can entertain them.

LinkedIn is more of a serious business platform and you are able to identify your audience before connecting with them. You also have the options to advertise specifically to business owners or buyers by selecting a job title. Instagram has become very popular and has its advantages for a specific audience as well. So identify which audience you would like to attract to your website and start building your brand on that platform. Next, you need to distribute your content on the platforms you created and start reeling in your new website visitors.

Why your website needs new visitors

The main aim of the game is to start converting those new visitors into leads. Once they have become leads you can nurture them into becoming customers. I design websites as part of my service bundle and I am affiliated with specific websites that sells website templates. They reeled me in by providing me with useful information, free downloadable content and by joining them special pricing.

That is exactly what you want to achieve with your website, no matter which industry you are in. Offer them a free e-book or perhaps samples of your product for signing up to your newsletter. Once a prospect signed up for it, they have become a lead. When they are ready to purchase and trust your business, they will do so. However, once they have signed up it does not mean that you should leave them and forget about them. Keep on providing useful information and building their trust. If they find your products useful your lead will turn into a customer.

Finally the end

Hopefully with the information that I provided you will see that your website still matters and it will always matter. Make use of it and see how well it works. You can never have too many new visitors. Keep filling those lead funnels and good luck.

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