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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Google AdWords
07 Nov

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Google AdWords

Google AdWords

Advertising online with Google AdWords is one of the most lucrative methods of bringing in visitors to your website. According to, the top 3 paid advertising positions on the search result page get 46% of the visitors. I believe that alone should entice the thought of a business advertising online. If you have ever used online advertising then you will know that it works. A client of mine started a valet parking business and they were looking at advertising online. They started using Google AdWords and from the first day they started getting calls from the ads. By the second month they already grew their initial spend on advertising by 150% in revenue. Let us look at those 5 reasons why you should use Google AdWords.

The return on investment is fast

Majority businesses budget a fair amount for advertising, whether it is on billboards, radio or magazines and newspapers. Advertising is part of a budget and where you spend it is what makes the difference. You can advertise in a magazine and not receive any calls for a week a month or more. With AdWords you are able to target an audience that is already searching for solutions to their problems. The first thing a buyer does when looking for a new solution is by typing it into Google. They first look at solving the problem themselves before getting a external company involved. The general return on investment they say is for every rand you spend you gain a rand in profit but the returns I have seen have been much much higher.

You rank higher

The biggest benefit of using paid advertising is that you appear on the first page of the search results. That is exactly where you want to be when someone searches for your products or services. Depending on the amount you have bid on a specific keyword you will be placed in the top 3 or bottom 3 positions of the first page. When your competition raises their bid and outbids you then you will not receive the top spot anymore.

Monitor the efficiency

One of the best things about AdWords is that all the statistics can be monitored. By being able to keep track of your adverts you are able to make adjustments or changes as you need it. Your AdWords account will display how many people have clicked on your ad and how many people have bounced off of your specific pages. By using Google AdWords and Google Analytics in combination you are able to see every piece of information regarding the performance of your advertisement.

You get more quality visitors

Having thousands of visitors on your website does not help your business unless those visitors are going to purchase your goods or services. You want quality visitors that will spend time on the site so that you can use your call to actions and educational information to lure them further into your marketing funnel. AdWords makes it possible for you to select only specific keywords that will trigger your ad. By selecting the right keywords you are able to target your specific market and not worry about millions of clicks on your ads.

New Market

By using online advertising you will reach a whole new market you have never reached before. Being in sales for 10 years I have learnt that new business is the blood of any business. To keep your business constantly growing you need to get in new customers to feed your revenue stream. By tapping into online advertising you are able to target new markets with different key phrases. If any of your potential prospects search for a solution to a new problem of theirs you can be there. This will give you power of educating your potential clients and closing sales a lot faster than by just using search engine optimisation.


Using online advertising will put you one step ahead in the online marketing race. It has many advantages for the businesses that are willing to spend a few Rands on it. Even though online advertising is the best way to get quick results on exposure it’s not permanent. Tt does not help your business build a brand over the long run. Search engine optimisation will have the best long term effect and is best used in a combination with online advertising. Learn more about SEO and the benefits thereof follow this link, “How to get your website #1 on Google“.

If you have had any success of failures with AdWords advertising please leave a comment, I would love to hear how it has worked for you.

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