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4 Reasons To View Your Developers Portfolio
05 Sep

4 Reasons To View Your Developers Portfolio

I know for a fact you have gone onto a website and wondered to yourself, “How on earth does anybody find anything on here?” Therefore I decided to create a list of 4 reasons to view your developers portfolio before you jump in head first.

If you have not read 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website, go have a look at it before continuing.



A portfolio is a list of references that the developer can show his potential clients his skills abilities and creativity. If this portfolio is not up to scratch or does not look like someone you would like to deal with you have the options to decline or push on pricing.


Joint Vision

Just because someone knows computers and how to develop websites does not mean they are very good at it. As a web developer myself I understand the need of a joint vision. You need to be able to see exactly what the customer wants and how you can build on the customers idea and create a joint vision. There are a few factors that need to be looked at before your websites structure is built.

  • What does your business do?
  • Is it professional or casual?
  • Do you need one page or more?
  • What is the key focus of your website?
  • Do you need a custom built website or can a standard theme be used?

The list can go on. Each business is unique in its own and requires dedication, efficiency and uniqueness.



After finding someone to design and develop your website they need to be able to provide an after market service. Most developers offer these services as a packaged deal. My advice would be to Google the name of the company and read some reviews about their service. Here are a few services that would be provided:

  • Web Hosting
  • E-mail Support
  • Graphic designing / Logo designing
  • Blogging (Newsletters / Blog updates / Articles)
  • Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

I have added this specifically because it plays such a critical role in web page development. Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO, is careful design and writing to optimize your content to Google or any other search engines standards. Optimizing and fine tuning your website ranks your web page higher placing you on the thousands of search results that come up when people google a service or topic. A lot of developers do not add this service to a package and charge ridiculous amounts for it. As important as it is having your web page rank high on google there are many developers that offer these options at reasonable prices.



Last but not least, creativity and a smooth design with a clear focus to what your business is about allows readers to easily navigate through your website without getting lost. Make sure when you look at a developer’s portfolio that you can see exactly what the websites are about and that they would be able to apply the same kind of dedication to your website as they have to those they are in their portfolio.

Now that I have given you a few reasons to look at your developer’s portfolio start looking at our portfolio and contact us to find out more!

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