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Website Responsiveness

Website responsiveness became a very important ranking factor when smartphones became more popular. With mobile devices such as tablets and cellphones it is important that your website will respond to the different devices sizes.

Google places quite a lot of emphasis on this due to recent statistics of mobile searches, which is an estimate of between 50% and 60%. With so many people surfing the internet on mobile devices search engines rank websites accordingly. Making sure you have a viewport configured will make the user experience on your website a lot better.

Why Responsive Websites Are Important

With so many different mobile devices with different resolutions it has become a challenge for web developers to make sure that a website is 100 percent responsive. Viewports are used to tell browsers how to render the website properly.

For example, when you visit a new restaurant website that opened up two blocks from your house you notice that it displays the website as if you are viewing it on a desktop. This means you have to zoom in and out and scroll from side to side to have a look at all the content on the website. Majority mobile users do not even bother staying on a website like that.

Having a responsive website means that it responds to the different types of devices that visit it. From large screen smart phones or tablets to smaller screen smartphones as well as different display sizes on desktop screens and laptops. Having a responsive website will benefit you in two ways:

  1. Your visitors will stay on your website longer because they will have a better experience navigating your website.
  2. Google and other search engines will give you some additional points when it comes to ranking you because so many searches are performed on mobile devices, and Google cares about their users experience.

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