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Page Titles

Page titles or title tags are the blue headline on the search engine result pages for each page. Therefore using the right title makes a big difference when it comes to the usability, SEO and social sharing of any web page.
The title of a web page is meant to be accurate and relative to describe the content on the page because it makes it easier for users and search engine crawlers to understand.

How Page Titles Affect SEO

When it comes to search engine optimisation page titles help identify what the content is about. After a keyword is selected for the content it should be displayed in the title as well.

Google bots also known as crawlers or spiders scan your website on a regular basis to categorise your content under into the right category.

If the title of the page contains the keyword that is used throughout the rest of the content such as the headings and the body text the crawlers will know what the website is about. Thus if your title and content are relevant you will rank higher on search engine result pages.

How Page Titles Affect User Experience

When someone surfs the internet they could receive hundreds and thousands of results for one specific search. By using the right page titles it will help anybody looking for your products or services find it a lot easier. They will immediately know what the content is about and if it is what they were looking for.

By describing the content found on the page accurately with the right title the amount of bounces on your website could decrease.


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