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Keywords are the basics of search engine optimisation as well as any online advertising such as Google Adwords. Selecting the right keywords will ensure that your potential clients can find you when they search for your products or services. There are two types of keywords we look at before we start writing any content for our website namely, short keywords and long tail key phrases. Each comes with it’s own benefits and uses which I will explain next.

Short Keywords

Short keywords or key phrases are self explanatory. A keyword or key phrase is generally between one and three words and is quite direct on which subject it is about. Example: “Nexus Lyseis” is a brand key phrase and SEO would be a single keyword.

Generally it is quite difficult to rank for these shorter keywords and key phrases due to so many businesses focus on a single product or service. To rank higher for these you will need to build a good domain authority or page authority as well as have a balanced density of the keyword throughout the specific page.

Longtail Key Phrases

Longtail key phrases are a lot easier to rank for because they can be made unique there are however upsides and downsides to it as well. The more unique your key phrase is the better your chances will be to rank high. However, the more unique it is the more difficult it might be for visitors to find your website. Below there is an example of a longtail key phrase.

“Inbound Marketing Will Change Your Business” (You can Google this and look at the results)

“Inbound Marketing” will be our main keyword in this phrase.

“Will Change Your Business” will be the tail used to extend the keyword to be more unique.

The upside of this is that it is unique. The downside is that a potential customer would have to type “Inbound Marketing Will Change Your Business”. There are a few methods we use to select longtail key phrases and short keywords. By using these specific methods we are able to identify the best version of the longtail key phrases with the highest search volume without effecting the quality of the visitor.

Are You Using The Right Keywords?

Send us the keywords you are using or would like to use and we will send back a few suggestions and the average it will cost per click for Google AdWords as well as the competitiveness.

By using the right keywords with the right density, you will achieve good results on the search engine result pages(SERP’s). Due to better results on the SERP’s you will gain more visitors on your website and in return your online sales conversion will improve.