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SEO And Content Management
05 Sep

SEO And Content Management


With millions of websites on the world wide web, it is difficult to reach the top of the log and appear on the first page of Google. In this article we will cover why it is so important to have your search engine optimization (SEO) done on your website and the benefits there are to spending a bit of money doing it.


Content Management

  • Managing your content might sound like a tedious story and truth be told, it is. Getting a good score for your search engine optimization has a few points that make it all the more important to know what your business is about, what your website is about and who your target market is.


Focus Words or Keywords

  • Focus words or keywords are the specific words that you describe in your article or on your website. If you want your page to be high ranking on google then you need to make sure that your content lines up with your focus words. This helps when people google the topic your website is about. Having a clear goal towards what type of content display and the events that are happening.
  • Keywords need to appear on the same page a few times for crawlers to identify the topic discussed. You will also need at least one heading with your focus word in it.



  • The easier your website reads, the higher your readability score will be. This helps your search engine decide whether or not your website has a good flow, easy to navigate and read. For example, keeping all your sentences under twenty words and displaying headings above paragraphs and making long paragraphs shorter.
  • These are two focus points to look at when optimizing your website to rank higher on Google with organic ratings. Organic ratings means that you did not pay for any advertising to place your advertisement at the top of Google. There is a lot more detail regarding SEO but by following these tips it will make a big difference in your ranking on search engines.

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