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What Is Link Building And How It Helps Brand Development
03 Nov

What Is Link Building And How It Helps Brand Development

In business we often hear the term, “a chain is only as strong as your weakest link”. Although this saying is attributed to Vladimir Lenin who used it when discussing his reasons for why the Bolsheviks were agitating the Russian Proletariat before the Russian Revolution in 1917.  It is now used across the board for sales teams and management to single out points of improvement.

Now you ask well what does the strongest link have to do with link building and SEO? If you said everything, you are absolutely right. Link building first started with the rise of Google in 1998, since they based the importance of search results based around links. These links were considered a vote of confidence and a website would be rated and ranked accordingly. Today, building links for a website is the most important factor to rank higher on all search consoles.

What Is Link Building?

Link building is a method used to link websites and pages to other websites and pages. It is also used to link internal pages on your site to help search engines navigate through all of the content. It is used in search engine and content optimisation to improve rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing.

Internal & External Links

So if building a network of links is so important, how and where do you start. First we need to have a look at what kind of links there are and what role it plays.

Internal Links: These links are local links. It directs a visitor on your website from one of your web pages to the other such as “Internal Links” at the beginning of this sentence. This helps “search engine crawlers” also know as “spiders” navigate a website and discover the links between the most relevant content.

External Links: This is the bread and butter for page and domain authority as would call it, known as citation links or “link juice”. External links power the authority your domain holds as well as the pages. The more external websites you have with high authority the more authority your website gains. When a websites authority is high, they rank higher on search engines


Why Does A Website Need Internal Links?

Having these types of links on your website will helped the crawlers navigate your website. It scans each page and looks for keywords used and how many times it is used within the content. It looks at specific data such as your page URL, slug, meta description, page title, headings, sub-headings, image alt attributes and content. The keywords used on the page will then be used as a library system. Search engine optimisation revolves around link building and improving the quality of links. However, your website can have thousands of internal links but it does not hold the same weight as external links.


Why Are External Links So Important?

As explained above, external links hold the power to your domain and page authority. The more you have the higher the website will rank. A very important factor to remember is the quality of the links as well. You can have a thousand low quality links or a hundred great quality links and the latter would rank higher. Low quality links are links that come from low authority websites and pages. For example, if I design a brand new website today and link it to another brand new website I design tomorrow it will have very little authority.

There are also two types of external links, inbound and outbound. Inbound links are links that point to your website and outbound links are links that point from your website to someone else. To improve your page authority you need websites with high domain authority to link to your page or domain. This will help search engines see your content as relevant and valuable, a vote of confidence.

How Do You Get Other Websites To Link To Yours?

Firstly, there are many different types of inbound links which are either bought or distributed, examples are below:

Reciprocal Link: It is seen as a mutual link between two websites with both websites linking to each other. Such as “Featured On CTInsider” where Nexus Lyseis is featured on CapeTownInsider and a reference here is made to their website.

Forum Signature Linking: Some websites allow signatures similar to an e-mail signature at the bottom of a comment creating back-links to the websites.

Blog Comments: A link can be left in a comment on a blog. This will usually result in a no-follow link and does not carry as much weight as a do-follow link.

Directory Link: A business directory can link to your website with your business information. Not all directories do this for free and it does not hold a lot of weight due to the amount of link-spamming that takes place on directories.

Social Bookmarking: is a way of saving and categorizing web pages in a public location on the web. Because bookmarks are shared and stored publicly and contain anchor text, they are scanned by search engine crawlers and have SEO value.

Image Link: This method of linking is used by submitting images, such as info-graphics to image directories that link back to a specific URL.

The most important thing to remember is the quality of the links that you build. It will save a lot of time and money by using the right method the first time. High quality links equal high authority and high rankings.

If you found this information useful or have some additional information to add feel free to drop a comment below.

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