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How Does Search Engine Optimisation Help Your Business
15 Nov

How Does Search Engine Optimisation Help Your Business

How Does Search Engine Optimisation Help Your Business

Search engine optimisation abbreviated as SEO is a rather large topic to discuss. In this article, we will look at the benefits SEO has for a business. As well as what to look out for when you are looking for an agency to do your SEO.

What to look out for

Because SEO is in such high demand, many website owners fall victim to snake oil salesmen. The term is widely used to describe a person who knowingly sells a product or service that is unverifiable or has no benefit.

In the SEO industry, it is very common for people to make the mistake and get quick cheap SEO. So when you do come across someone promoting a cheap SEO service be very wary and ask a lot of questions.

Why is cheap SEO bad?

Search engine optimisation is a very time consuming service. Hours of keyword research has to be done, content needs to be optimised, links have be created and alt attributions have to be added to pictures. Therefore, if an agency is charging you a small amount for SEO, they are probably going to do a small amount of the work as well.

Cheap so is bad because many of these agencies use black hat tactics which could get your website penalised by Google which will ruin your ranking. It will also cost you a fortune to fix all the damage created by these tactics.

The benefits of SEO

Finally, now that you know what to look out for, we can look into what the benefits are of good search engine optimisation practices. The goal of search engine optimisation is to rank pages higher on search engines. However, that is only a portion of the total goal overview.

By implementing the right SEO strategy, you will be able to rank on Google for keywords that your competitors are not ranking for. Furthermore, you will also appear on the search engine result pages for specific questions your audience might ask.

Good practice SEO practice is to have quality content that provides value to your readers. A lot of thorough planning goes into SEO, because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Creating a good structure to work from is important and it will help you achieve the ranking results you desire.

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Benefits of link building in SEO

Building links is a very time consuming part of SEO but it gives you a major upper hand against your competitors. You can read my article on what link building is and how it will help grow your business for in depth information.

By using the right link building strategy, you should achieve a higher authority of your domain and page. Having a high authority means that people on the worldwide web finds your information useful and re-post or write about it.

You can also do guest blogs or request specific companies that you are affiliated with to add your link to their website. The higher the authority of the website linking to you is, the higher your authority will become.

Authority is important to search engines because it shows them that people find your information valuable. If your information is more valuable than another company ranking for a keyword, you will be displayed higher. The concept of link building is very simple but applying it can be a nightmare of a job. Yet, according to around 40% of SEO all relies on link building and plays the biggest role.

Benefits of ranking higher

As you most likely know, ranking higher means a higher share in the clicks your website will receive. gathered results from 8 different case studies about the first 5 results on Google. The first 5 positions have the highest click percentage of 76.65% in total.

Position 6 – 10 only received 16.14% and the balance split over the rest of the results. So ranking within the top 5 positions is the place to be, ranking number 1 however, is the sweet spot and requires a lot of research and work.

The more visitors you receive on your website, the more leads and sales it will generate. It also helps you spreading your content on social media due to the visitors sharing your articles or blog posts. SEO works like a snowball effect in a sense.

So what do you think?

As you can see, there are quite a few benefits that you gain from using a good SEO strategy. With this information you should be able to do the math, is search engine optimisation worth it for your business?

Is it worth it spending a good amount of money having your SEO done properly that can lead you to these results? The bottom line is that it does work and it will help your business grow and even go viral. Spend your money wisely and make sure that the agency you are using knows what they are talking about.

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